Sustainability – not just another buzzword

Sustainability is becoming the latest buzzword and everyone wants in. From airlines to fast fashion companies that –– in its essence –– has nothing to do with sustainability, are jumping on the green bandwagon: giving out reusable straws and cotton totes just to be seen as part of this movement. However, we think it's counter-productive to give out a reusable product only for it to be packaged in plastic.

Thoughtful packaging

We're delighted to share: no single-use plastic here. One advantage of the humble bar soap –– it only requires a simple box to protect it. When it comes to environmental sustainability, we believe that the responsibility should never be placed on the consumer. We spent a lot of time and consideration on the ways we can reduce excess packaging and materials. 

Our soap packaging is inspired by origami and is able to hold its own form without any glue, reducing the materials required to produce it. It is also made without any lamination so it can be easily recycled.

The tissue is printed on FSC-certified, acid-free paper using soy ink, leaving no petroleum-based products when decomposing. Packages are delivered in either a compostable mailer or a simple corrugated box that is easily recyclable and protected with honeycomb kraft paper or reused bubble wrap.

There is still a lot of work to be done: eventually, we hope to be able to achieve fully compostable and FSC-certified packaging, but for now, small steps first.

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